Our top 3 tips for pet parents to encourage positive behaviour in pets when stuck at home

As I sit down at my laptop to work from home for the foreseeable future, Lola and
Lurch perk up and bring their favourite toys and leave them on my lap to indicate that they are ready to play. I smile and sigh simultaneously as I get up to play with them for the third time that day. The pandemic has bought a lot of anxiety and uncertainty to our schedules and lifestyle. With paw parents being increasingly stuck at home all day, their fur babies are delighted to get some additional time to spend with their humans.

  In fact, many surveys (https://theconversation.com/pets-and-the-pandemic-the-impact-our-animals-had-on-our-mental-health-and-wellbeing-153393) claim that pets can help eliminate feelings of isolation and anxiety. We are lucky to have our four-legged companions by our side to help us cope during this global phase. Some studies have also suggested that pets have a positive effect on our mental health. Dogs instil a sense of companionship and connectedness in us, which is extremely helpful when we are on a lockdown. They also provide a tremendous positive distraction from feelings of distress. From personal experience, I can say that it is true.  
With all the positives come a few lifestyle changes as well. Our pets may need to get used to us being at home all day. This change can be overwhelming for a few pets. Many pet parents are increasingly worried that their pet may get too clingy or face separation anxiety once things go back to normal. Setting some new rules and boundaries can help our furry friends exhibit positive behaviour and adapt to our rapid change of pace when we go back to work. Here are some of our tips that can help you and your pet enjoy each other's company while working from home.  
Creating a new routine
As you don't have to rush to your office first thing in the morning, you may feel that it is okay to switch your pet's playtime to your office commute slot. Ensure that you choose a comfortable playtime that can remain consistent even when you resume your regular work routine so that your pet doesn't have to readapt to your schedule.  
Exercise and Walks
Most cities allow you to go outside while maintaining social distancing. It is an excellent practice for your pet's health to go out for a walk and get some exercise. Due to a change in your schedule, your pet may have excess energy can make them restless, anxious, and destructive. A daily walk is essential for your dog and makes for some excellent bonding time with your fur baby. When out on walks, make sure your pet is always comfortable and stylish in Lola and Lurch's collar and lead sets.
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Helping your dog relax
Some dogs are naturally hyperactive love to follow their humans. If you get up, they will mirror your actions and follow you around the house. As you are at home all day, your dog may become exhausted as they may always expect cuddles or play when they see you. Plus, this behaviour may also hamper your productivity.

To encourage them to relax, make sure you give them some alone time and try to work in a separate area of your home for sometime in the day. When you see them relaxing, provide them with a treat to know that relaxing is good behaviour. Following these few easy tips can ensure you and your pet have an excellent work from home experience. With love, care, and some consistency, your pawsome baby will have the best time with you. If your pet shows strange behaviour or becomes anxious, please speak with your vet so they can advise you appropriately.
How are you and your pet baby spending this time together?
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