Here are three things to keep in mind before purchasing a collar for your fur baby!

With hundreds of options in the market, pet parents are spoilt for choice when it
comes to shopping for pet accessories, especially when buying collars and leads for
their dogs. With an endless variety available online and offline, it can be daunting
for even the most experienced pet owner.  
How could you possibly choose the best option for your fur baby?
A collar and lead are probably the only accessories that your dog is going to use
every day. These two items must be incredibly comfortable, high quality, and quite
sturdy. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your next dog collar
and lead set to make shopping for dog accessories an easy and enjoyable experience.
Collar Size and Design
Before buying your next collar and lead set, make sure that you know the exact size
of your dog's neck. It would help if you kept your dog's fur type in mind when
selecting the perfect dog collar and lead set. We always recommend you grab an
inch-tape and gently measure your dog's neck size and note it down. If you are
looking to buy a collar for your puppy or pet training session, you will have to
upgrade their collar with their growing size. Even adult dogs may vary in size,
depending upon their weight increase or decrease.
A flat dog collar is our premium choice for the most adjustable, breathable, and
comfortable dog collars when it comes to design. A flat design accounts for a larger
surface area, the pressure is more distributed on the pet's neck and far more
comfortable during walks for your dog. These collars can be fitted with a snap
buckle to give your pup the perfect fit and comfort while looking super stylish with
minimal effort.
You can check out one of our recommended and affordable designs here:
Here is a helpful guide for all dog breeds and their average neck size (https://
Comfort, Strength, and Material
A good rule of thumb to check if the collar is comfortable is to see if you can fit
two fingers between the collar and your dog's neck. The collar shouldn't be too
tight to allow your pup to breathe freely.
When it comes to material, the most common ones used to make collars are leather,
nylon, and chain. At Lola and Lurch, we found a much better option for the
material used in our collars and leads. In our experience, dogs have been the most
comfortable in neoprene as it is incredibly soft, flexible, and stable, which is why we
use it to line our collars and leads.
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Dog's Lifestyle
Your dog's daily lifestyle also plays a huge role in selecting the suitable collar and
lead set for your pooch. Active and robust dogs need leads that have more strength
and feel comfortable in the paw parent's hand. We all know how excited and happy
(and superhumanly strong) our babies get when the sentence "let's go for a walk" is
mentioned to them.
The lead should also have a heavy-duty clip for secure attachment so that you can
go on long walks with your pet carefree. The size of the lead matters as well; it
should be optimised to keep your pet close and let them explore freely at the same
time when out on walks.
At Lola and Lurch, we kept all these points in mind when creating and designing
stylish and comfortable dog collars and lead sets. Our accessories are not only
comfortable but inspired by beautiful colours to reflect your dog's fun personality
and keep them fashionable.
The best part? All our sets are very affordable and one of a kind. If you are looking
for the best dog collar and lead set, your search ends here.
To further help your buying decision, we offer all our new paw parents a 10%
discount on sets.
So what are you waiting for?
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