10 Essential products every pet owner needs!

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.” -Dean Koontz
We all love our dogs like our babies. Every pet parent would love to give their dog
the most comfortable and happy life. Whether you are a new paw parent or a
seasoned dog owner, there are some essential products that your dog needs to have
at all times. You don't want to be making that hasty trip to your nearest pet store
when your fur baby needs something immediately. Every pet home should have this
kit on hand to ensure that your must-haves are covered.
Here is our list of necessities that your pet needs to have a fantastic comfortable
time with you.
A comfortable dog collar and lead: A comfortable collar is essential to your
dog's happiness as it is probably the dog accessory that they will wear at all times. A
collar is the most straightforward and easiest way to identify your puppy and forms
a part of their identity.
With a suitable collar, you also need a sturdy lead to take your fur baby on walks. A
good-sized lead can make for a fun and safe dog walking experience. Keeping
softness, style, and strength in mind, at Lola and Lurch, we designed the most
comfortable and unique dog collar for your dog. You can check out our affordable
range and one-of-a-kind matching collar and lead sets here. (Link to shop)
Grooming Supplies: No matter the breed, every dog will need to be groomed
and brushed regularly too ensure they have healthy skin and fur. Keeping your dog
breed in mind, you have to get a good brush, metal comb, hair detangler, clipper,
dental brush, and moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Learn about grooming
your pet the correct way here. (https://topdogtips.com/tag/dog-grooming/)
Dog Water Bottle: Hydration is vital for your puppy's health, especially when
you are out on long walks. Apart from the dog bowls you have at your home; you
need to have a dog water bottle in your kit at all times when you are out with your
pup. Dogs tend to feel the heat and fatigue far more than humans. Hence they
should stay hydrated during long walks. Take care when exercising your pet in the
spring and summer seasons.
Organic Treats and Chew Toys: Every dog loves to get treats and toys; that is a
universal truth. Pet parents can use treats and toys can also be used to reinforce
positive behavioural habits. Always have a bag of organic, fresh dog biscuits or treats
handy and treat your dog whenever you want to reward a good habit. To ensure
that your dog is healthy and happy, always check these treats' ingredients for any
Dogs adore their toys and are very possessive of the same. Puppies love to chew
everything when they are teething. Giving them a few dental puppy chews when
they are fidgety can help channelize their energy and save your furniture! While
selecting your dog's toy, always check for small details like buttons, ribbons, etc. In
our experience, rope toys work the best. Always check the toys before giving them
to your dog for playing and let them play only under supervision.
Dog bed: A great practice to teach your dog is to always sleep in their own space.
Having their corner will also help with their territorial instinct and help them feel
comfortable in their surroundings. Make your dog's corner with a comfy dog bed
where your dog can relax. Add a few toys to make it cozy.
Did you know that healthy dogs sleep for over 16 hours a day! Having a good dog
bed can help provide good quality sleep for your pooch. For older dogs, you can
buy an orthopaedic bed to help them get some joint pain relief. If you live in a
hotter area, you can have a cooling mat for your fur baby, whereas if you live in a
colder climate, you can choose to have a light, fluffy throw blanket on their doggy
beds to help them feel warm.
Always buy the best quality and safe products for your lovable pooches. Our pets
may not be our whole life, but they indeed make our lives whole. So, always opt for
the brands that care for your babies just as much as you!
At Lola and Lurch, all our products are crafted with the utmost care and quality.
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